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Suppliers of wood burning stoves

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RC Engineering Limited.

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Choosing your Aga Range Cooker

Option information.

Gas and LPG

Conventional Flue - (Standard or Deluxe) A Flue is required in the form of a flexible liner in an existing chimney or a twin wall style flue.

Balanced Flue - (Deluxe Models Only)
Ideal if the cooker is to be situated on an outside wall. Flue exits from the back of the cooker straight through the wall.

Power Flue - (Deluxe Models Only) Ideal if a flue is difficult to install. The flue is a 60 mm stainless steel  pipe which can be routed behind kitchen cupboards up to 9m* to an outside wall. Please speak to an engineer who will advise you on what is possible.
* 9m straight run 6m or less with bends.

Oil - (Standard or Deluxe),

Runs on Kerosene, requires a flue, either through an existing chimney with a liner or a twin-wall flue system.

Electric - do not require a flue.

Domestic Hot Water Boilers
Hot water boiler must be operated using an indirect, gravity fed system.
They are used rarely now, as most modern domestic hot water boiler systems are easier to install and more efficient. We do not recommend fitting boilers to electric cookers.

There is no height adjustment in the Aga range cooker so a plinth is used to set the height of your cooker to match your work tops. We are able to offer a pressed steel, adjustable plinth, which is available in different heights to suit your needs.

Insulation Upgrade

Upgrading the insulation inside your cooker with the latest ceramic fibre material will improve economy and performance.


Many colours are available, these are best viewed from samples of enamelled cast or colour swatches. A computer screen will not accurately reproduce the colour or effect of the finish. Please ask to see our colour charts when purchasing.

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