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Refurbished Cookers

ST cookers can supply a completely refurbished Aga range cooker to customer’s requirements at competitive rates throughout East Anglia. All Aga range cookers supplied by us have a one year warranty on parts and labour. You can choose exactly what you want from the list of options including:

Model and type to suit your style and design of your kitchen

15 colours from our chart

Fuel type, Gas, Natural or LPG, Oil, Electric or Solid Fuel

Domestic hot water

The latest insulation material

Our staff will be pleased to help guide you through the options and advise you.

For more details please see Choosing Your Aga Range Cooker

Have your existing cooker Refurbished

We can recondition your existing cooker for you. Choose from the same list of options for refurbished cookers as above. This can be carried out on site or with the cooker removed and taken to our workshops depending on the work required. The work may involve the repair/replacement of worn or damaged parts, blasting & vitreous enamelling of front plate, doors, top plate or other parts as required. Converting fuel types. Repairs to burners, hot plates, lids and updating/repacking the insulation. Most parts are held in stock and can be supplied on an exchange basis * reducing cooker down time. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

“ All parts offered for exchange must be of serviceable quality.

Conversions and upgrades

Electric Conversion

With today’s ever growing environmental concerns and  rising fuel costs we must all consider ways to improve efficiency and save money.

Converting your Aga Range Cooker to electric can achieve a saving of more than 50% on running costs and require far less maintenance,

We can convert Gas, Oil and Solid Fuel cookers to Electric using the latest kit produced by Oilwarm LTD

standard AGA electric
conrrol panel standard

Flexible and easy to use.

Simply turn it on when you need it. Hobs are controlled separately by knobs on the control panel and oven temperature controlled by a switch with a digital readout

Greatly reduced warm up times hobs are ready to use in just 5 to 10 minuets

Ovens or hobs can be left on low to give the warmth we all know and love.

Why should I convert to electric?

The Advantages of an Electric Range Cooker

Ease of Location. Your cooker can be located almost anywhere with no need for a flue, this means it will fit in with your design of kitchen. Electric range cookers require only a 30 amp power supply so no problem with oil or gas supply.

Lower Running Costs: Some customers have reported savings of over 50% on running costs, some as low as £2 per day or less and minimal maintenance costs. For customers with wind turbine or PV cells costs are far lower.

Failure of Oil tank or flue: If your oil tank has failed or flue requires replacing it can be more cost effective to covert to electric.


Other Conversions

Most other fuel conversions can be undertaken, Please contact us with your requirements.

Domestic Hot Water

We can add, repair, remove or upgrade domestic hot water boilers on most models.

(subject to existing boiler type) NB: we do not recommend the fitting of a boiler to electric models.

Insulation Upgrade

Upgrade the insulation inside your existing cooker with the latest material to improve economy and performance.

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